Monday, April 18, 2011

Stretching my Relaxer to 16 Weeks

Ok guys I have decided to stretch my relaxer to 16 weeks, this is going to be the longest stretch I have ever done.

I plan to relax June 12, 2011, It going to make my 2 year Hair Journey Anniversary.

I have come such a long way I started at basically neck length and at the present moment I am a little past Braw Strap length.When I relax I hope to be probably like an inch from Mid back length.

I am currently 8 week and 3 days post relaxer and trust me guys it already becoming very difficult but I will definitely be sticking it out until the end.

I am going keep my stretching regimen pretty simple, it will include the following

1) Shampoo once a week with my Cream of Nature Detangling Shampoo Green Bottle (the best shampoo ever created )

2)Deep Condition once a week with my Cream of Nature Nourishing Conditioner mixed two JBCO and Olive Oil

3) Medium Protein on dry hair with Organic Hair Mayo  every other week( as a prepoo) after which I will Shampoo and deep condition

4)Apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil on scalp 2x times a week

5)Moisturize and seal every day lightly

6)Do low manipulation style like braid out, flexirod sets or just a simple bun.

7) Only detangle on wash days to prevent any unwanted breakage

I challenge any one who wants to join me on this stretch do, we can share our stretching challenges together and motivated each other to stick it out.

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