Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Planning

Hey Guys

As you guys already know I am currently engaged and  I am planning my wedding and I am not sure what colors to use as my theme, I like so many colors and I keep changing my mind.

I am planning my wedding for Jan 5, 2012.

Here are some Picture of some color schemes I am really feeling at the moment

What do you guys think?


  1. the first one is cute the others hmm lol looks to much like a island carnival lol

  2. lol, I totally agree about the carnival comment, thank for your honesty:)

  3. I am really not one for rbight colors, but I must say that I prefer the colors in the last two pictures. The bright color scheme looks very nice. (j80edwards from youtube).

  4. no sah--d last two r waaay too 'pretty' u dont want bees to draw u weh :). the purple is gorgeous!--i'm also thinking about my wedding and i'm thinking of a deep pretty green (like jade) and gold

  5. @ j80edwards thanks so much for your feedback, I don't really like bright colors either but to me they look great put together.
    Especially the third pic.

    @ Anonymous Thanks so much for your feedback, I really like the purple too, When are you getting married.